Click on the link to see a photobook of some of my shots from a recent trip to Vietnam. Cheers! . . .

Ships Ahoy!

With over 130,000 ships arriving each year the parking lot outside Singapore can get busy.


Seemed weird being at the airport without a surfboard! Never the less the two weeks I spent in Cambodia with 17 Aussie high school kids was a great experience for all. Follow the link to some pics I took of this intriguing but needy country and it's wonderful people. . .

"Cabin Crew . . .

 . . . please prepare for departure." . . . "Cabin Crew, doors on automatic, cross-check and report. Thank you."

See you in about a month!


Strewth! I must be getting old! . . . I'm really noticing the beauty in flowers lately.

Simple Fun

Pretty simple fun . . . A ball, a couple of friends and a bit of flat ground.

Afternoon at Lui's

Lui's a real character — an old school Italian. When I say "old school" I mean like . . . a cellar full of his own wine, tomato sauce and olives. I had the pleasure of being invited 'round to sample his goods. So good, so tasty, so simple. Such a good time. Follow this link to see more . . . .

Bali Book

I've put a bit of an together of some of my shots from Bali. Click the pic to check'em out. Cheers! Or . . .

Heading Off

Time to take advantage of this privilege. See ya in a few weeks! Mont.

Fishermen's Poem

When storm gales blow and shake my soul
And I am lost at sea,
Then comes a light that shines so bright
A beacon sent to me

When tattered sails are useless
And Darkness covers me,
An unseen hand takes o’er the helm
And steers me round alee.

And as the first star of the night
Shines through so vividly,
My bounty lies in His good Grace
Blessed by the Trinity.
Leanne Marshal

Summer Daze

It's pretty wintry 'round these parts at the moment so I thought a reminder of summer would be nice.

The Queen Mother of all Ships

Top: The Port Adelaide Harbor Master sends a tug out to meet the 345 meter long Queen Mary 2 waiting on the horizon. Above: The Mother sliding into port.


I've been neglecting this puppy for a while so out she came this morning for a few little ones . . . I'd forgotten how fast and free a four fin is . . . Good fun!


For me the best time to partake in the best recreation on the planet is the best part of the day.

Liquid Gold

There it sits. The oil of the Linum usitatissimum seed. Waiting to add life to a freshly shaped alaia.

Rolling Thunder

One for the petrol heads . . . A 1914 Talbot 25 Aero. Powered by a mammoth 10-litre over-head cam four-cylinder!

Right of Passage

Our lads were growing in their surfing ability. But not wanting them to become complacent, Steve recons it’s time to lift the bar. “Kings is working” (and at a reasonable size as seen by the size of the guy taking off in the pic). What started as cautious intrepidation turned out to be a defining moment in our sons surfing life.

Alaia Love

Mr. Stokes slips down to the shed to shave away at another sweet slider. --

The Informers

Look'n foreword to hearing these guys play their neat tunes next week. ---

Your Body Will Love You for it

In this part of the world, at this time of the year the days are getting shorter. But if you hurry there's still a chance for a quick surf after work. You split from work ASAP. Ring a mate to see if he wants to be picked up (even though you'll risk loosing precious minutes). Assess the quickest route through the traffic. Pull into the car park . . . Yep it's ridable. A glance to see how low the sun is as you wax up. Race down to the water's edge . . . and . . . stretch of course!


A day without contemplation is a poor day. Too many poor days makes one weak.


A great time of year in the southern parts of Oz . . . Clear skies, light winds and new swells.

Solitude 2

I was inspired to post this pic after seeing Nathan Oldfield's little piece . . . . Thanks Nath!

A Mighty Mix

Some water, some air pressure, some shape in the sea bed . . . An enjoyable outcome!


Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. Theophrastus (372 BC - 287 BC)